Easter Ninja is next Week! Are you Registered?

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This 2 hour event will teach you the following skills: – Reach more unchurched than ever before – Mobilize your congregation to invite their friends – Be inspired to believe that God wants to use your church – Promote your services so your whole community is knocking on your door – Unleash creativity that engages your listeners There’s never been a better time to reach people and that’s why you need to participate in this FREE event. Register for FREE Here Get all the conference info at www.EasterNinja.com   Register for FREE Here  

How to Use Jedi Mind Tricks on your Community

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Since Star Wars in 3D is coming to a theater near you, I thought it would be a good day to talk about using Jedi Mind Tricks in your marketing. You know… “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” I know Jedi Mind tricks aren’t real, but there are real ways to be persuasive in your outreach/ marketing that almost feels like you’re a Jedi Knight. Here’s how… 1. Be Specific in what you’re asking If you want people to attend your Easter services, then specifically ask them to join you at one of your services. If you aren’t specific, … Read More

What Banana Republic Taught me about Direct Mail

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I remember the day I was done with direct mail. Our church had mailed out over 50,000 postcards and received dismal results. I said to myself, “I’ll never use direct mail again.” Ever. I got home and checked my mailbox, only to find a Banana Republic postcard promoting a sale they were having. I put it in my back pocket as I walked through the front door, because I didn’t want to miss out on the sale. Then it hit me… Direct mail does work! I just wasn’t doing it right. I was doing direct mail like more other churches. This led to a quest where I learned direct mail … Read More

The Tools to Help your Church Double on Easter

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I had a crazy idea a while ago… What if I could get 9 of the top Pastors in the country and ask them to share practical, nuts and bolts, proven ideas on how to radically increase your attendance and impact this Easter. So I contacted all of them and they all said yes! So I’m thrilled to announce a FREE online event that is designed to help your church double on Easter and see more first time decisions than ever before. It’s called “Easter Ninja“. It’s happening on Thursday, February 9th from 1PM-3PM. Here’s who’s speaking: Bob Coy: Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, 11th Largest church … Read More

How to get Outreach Ninja for FREE

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A few years ago I went to a one day conference on direct mail. The cost was $800. What?! Yes. And if I had to do it all over again I’d pay the $800 with a smile. Why? Because what I learned in that one day seminar saved our church over $10,000. So I look back and think, “Did it really cost me $800 to attend that seminar?” Nope. In fact, I made $9,800 if you think about it. There’s a leadership lesson here: training is never an expense; it’s always an investment. The same thing is true with a … Read More

Why Branding is for Losers

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I love helping churches get the word out in their communities. In fact, I like to say that Outreach Ninja is all about making your church the worst kept secret in your community. But let me qualify that statement. I don’t want people to only know about your church. I want them to attend your church. There’s a big difference. Here’s what frustrates me to no end: churches will spend big money on a direct mail campaign and blindly mail postcards to anyone and everyone. Then, when they get horrible results they’ll say, “At least we branded ourselves in the … Read More