In Case You missed It…

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Here’s some good posts that caught my attention this week… – Bill is reporting that Jack T. Chick is back with a new tract. Awesome! – Ben’s post here had me thinking about what we do and what we’re up against every week. (P.S. One of the best beaches in the world is 15 minutes away) – Jay’s post has “sermon material” written all over it! It’s amazing and disgusting all at the same time! – Perry’s post on stuff Church planters need to know is awesome! In my experience, church planters talk too much and listen too little. I … Read More

Untangled Leadership

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Many times we find it difficult to make the tough leadership decisions because we can’t untangle ourselves from the situations themselves. Most of the time we know the right thing to do, it’s just the entanglement of emotions, history, and a host of other things that keep us from making the right call. Then we end up dragging things out way longer than necessary. So here’s what I’ve done over the last couple of years. I say to myself, “What would ________ (fill in your friend’s name) say about this situation?” By that time, the decision is easy. Sometimes all … Read More

Book Review: Go Big with Small Groups

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I really liked Go Big by Bil Cornelius and Bill Easum, so when I saw that Go Big with Small Groups was out I quickly ordered it. Honestly, the book starts out a bit slow. But it picks up and gets good! They lay out what some great practical wisdom and share some of what they do at Bay Area Fellowship. What I really liked about the book: – The practical wisdom in training leaders – How to organize groups based on affinity – How to handle difficult people in groups – The emphasis on personal relationships – The type … Read More


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When we started CF, Carey and I didn’t have kids so we were able to put crazy hours in and it was OK. Since Mia has come into our lives things have changed. It means when I go home for the day, I’m done. I’m not checking e-mail or writing messages into the night (which was a pretty common practice back then). I’m being a husband and a father. What this has made me realize is that my time at the office is very precious. I have a certain amount of time to get a lot of things done. So … Read More

Missed it!

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Well I told our whole church to watch channel 10 for the 11 O’clock news because the story about our church was on and I totally missed it! I absolutely forgot to watch it. Good going Bob 🙂 Anyway, if someone taped it, please let me know (not that I own a VCR), but I’d love to see it sometime. It did show me how I feel about this kind of stuff. When we first started our church, I would have not missed something like this for anything. Today, it doesn’t really matter all that much…

Monkey See…Monkey Do…

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I was driving home from Tampa with my buddy Travis from a Pastor’s coaching network I’m a part of and we see this Porche with a monkey at the wheel. What? Did you read that correctly? Yes, a monkey! Like the one in the movie Outbreak! Anyway, people don’t believe me when I tell them that weird stuff happens to me all the time, so I told Travis to speed up so I could take a picture on my Treo. Here’s the proof…

Hidden Assets…

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My friend Bill sent this over to me today. I didn’t realize the value of my useless thoughts and ramblings… FYI – I am accepting offers 🙂 My blog is worth $49,114.98.How much is your blog worth?

Reserved Parking

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My nephew had his graduation party at the local Elk’s club with 200 of his closest friends. As I walked in, I saw this reserved parking sign in the front of the spot closest to the door. I wonder if my staff would go for this? The title does have a ring to it 🙂

Set Your TiVo…

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Our local channel 10 is doing a story on our church on Sunday. They interviewed me and a couple of people from our church about our style of ministry, the types of people we’re reaching, etc… The story is going to air this Sunday, June 24th @ 11PM.