Would your Church’s Culture Scare off Payton Manning?

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Miami Dolphins fans recently had their hopes dashed when Payton Manning decided to sign with the Denver Broncos rather the Dolphins. It didn’t make any sense. Why? Payton Manning has a house in Miami. He loves being in the city of Miami. Yet, despite Miami offering just as much money as Denver, he chose the Broncos. Why you ask? Here’s the inside scoop… It’s about culture. Reporters said that the QB was taken back by the Dolphins’ front office culture and that was the #1 reason he went to another team. What does this have to do with your church? … Read More

My Big Announcement!

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Yesterday I signed a 2 book contract with Baker Books!  I am excited to have 2 books releasing at the same time next Fall. The first book is for church leaders (tentatively) titled, “Pull: The Factors that Make a Church Magnetic”. The second book is for new believers (tentatively) titled, “Start Here: First Steps for the Journey”. If you’re thinking, “Doesn’t Bob already have a book called, “Start Here”?, you would be correct. However, this version of Start Here will have 4 new chapters and double the content as the original Start Here. I’m blessed to have this opportunity to invest in 2 … Read More