The Tools to Help your Church Double on Easter

Bob FranquizChurch, Leadership

I had a crazy idea a while ago… 

What if I could get 9 of the top Pastors in the country and ask them to share practical, nuts and bolts, proven ideas on how to radically increase your attendance and impact this Easter. 

So I contacted all of them and they all said yes! 

So I’m thrilled to announce a FREE online event that is designed to help your church double on Easter and see more first time decisions than ever before. 

It’s called “Easter Ninja“. 

It’s happening on Thursday, February 9th from 1PM-3PM. 

Here’s who’s speaking: 
Bob Coy: Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, 11th Largest church in America 
Troy Gramling: Lead Pastor, Potential Church, 8th fastest growing church in America 
Mark Batterson: Senior Pastor, National Community Church, New York Times Best Selling Author 
Bob Franquiz: Senior Pastor, Calvary Fellowship, Founder of 
David Hughes: Senior Pastor, Church by the Glades, 35th fastest growing church in America 
Nelson Searcy: Lead Pastor, Journey Church, Founder of Church Leader Insights 
Casey Graham: Founder of, author of Funded and Free 
Eric Geiger: Vice President of Lifeway, Author of Simple Church 
Shawn Lovejoy: Lead Pastor, Mountain Lake Church, Founder of 

This FREE online conference will give you the tools you need to… 
– Reach more unchurched than ever before 
– Mobilize your congregation to invite their friends 
– Be inspired to believe that God wants to use your church 
– How to promote your services so your whole community is knocking on your door 
– Unleash creativity that engages your listeners 

There’s never been a better time to reach people and that’s why you need to participate in this event. 

If you’re interested, you can register for FREE at