The Forgotten Piece in Church Marketing

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There's a lot written about design and distribution in church marketing, but little is written about the copy. The truth is, it doesn't matter how pretty your postcard, billboard, or invite is. If you don' have relevant and compelling copy, your promotion isn't going to do much.   So what are the elements that make for good copy? Here's one: #1 – It has to be relevant to the person you're trying to reach – don't misunderstand: I'm not talking about mentioning that your band is cool and your worship leader has a faux hawk. Instead, relevant copy is a … Read More

Sunday Stuff…

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– Today was amazing! – It felt so great to be back in the saddle!   – Church was packed! The 2nd service was slammed!  – It felt good having me teaching and Mark leading worship. Like all was right in the world 🙂 – I taught Revelation 20. I can't believe we only have 2 weeks left in Revelation.  – We started this series back in February and 25 studies later, we're almost done 🙂 – I truly believe that teaching books of the Bible is the best way to ensure a healthy congregation. It forces you to teach … Read More

Question about Board Meetings

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This question came up recently, and it's one that I get a lot from church planters, so I thought I'd post my answer here:  "Do you use Roberts' Rules of Order in your board meetings?"  Great question, and the answer is yes. We use Roberts' rules to run our board meetings. While this may seem corporate or stuffy to some, it's a very effective way to have a meeting and get through agenda items effectively.   If you're unaware of what Roberts' Rules are, it's saying things like, "All in favor" and making motions and seconding those motions to pass … Read More

Question about New Believer Follow Up

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I got this question recently, so thought I'd post my answer:  "I see that you guys reach a lot of unchurched people. How do you help them take the next step after conversion?"   First, this is a fantastic question. It's the question that we should be obsessed with getting better at answering.  There's more than one issue here, but I'll give you a couple of important points:  1) Define what the next step is – People will generally follow the steps if you lay them out in a logical way and only share the steps one at a time. … Read More

How to get over $500 in Resource for Free!

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Every participant in my new coaching network receives over $500 in resources as part of their experience in the network.   If you're a Senior Pastor and you're not in a coaching network, I would ask that you seriously consider applying for my coaching network that's starting this Thursday (August 27th).   Click here to download an application and get the process started. But don't delay because time is running out!

Direct Mail Questions (Part 5)

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In the final installment of this week long series of posts, I wanted to post some stats that might encourage you to delve into the world of sending out direct mail for your next big Sunday at church.       85% of people sort, process and open their mail everyday.  75% of people say they are examining their mail more closely for coupons and other special offers and events.  55% of people say they receive greater enjoyment opening their snail mail than their email (and this includes the 18-39 age group, by the way).  40% of people say they tried a … Read More

Direct Mail Questions (Part 4)

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"What's the worst thing that can happen to your direct mail campaign?"  The worst that can happen is not people complaining. It's people ignoring you. That's why above all you have the speak the language of the people you're trying to reach.   Most Pastors of contemporary churches say they do this, but we make this mistake as well.  How often have you sent something out talking about your "worship"? Guess what? If you're trying to reach unchurched people, they don't know that worship is music.  We do this with our children's ministry: we essentially advertise to the kids (who … Read More

Direct Mail Questions (Part 3)

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"How do you know you're direct mailing enough?"  The answer to this question is simple: when people start calling and complaining. It sound funny, but think about what someone has to do to call your church and complain about your direct mail piece: they have to receive it, read it, get annoyed by it, and then find your phone number and call.   There's stuff I'd rather not receive in the mail (like invitations to join the AARP – I'm interested, I'm just 30 years too young), but I've never gotten so annoyed as to call them and ask them to … Read More