A few Things…

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A few things I’m thinking about… – iWork ’08 is rockin! Steve Jobs must have found out everything that drove me crazy about version 2 of Pages because he upgraded about 90% of what I was hoping for. Keynote still makes Powerpoint look like a prototype 🙂 – Is it me or is there no new music that’s any good? The newest stuff I’m listening to was released in the early 90’s. I listened to “The Cars Greatest Hits” on my way in to the office today. I’m becoming one of those people! “Let the good times roll!” – Psych … Read More

Something to Teach…Something to Learn

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I give a couple of hours each to talk to church planter and church leaders that want to talk shop and think that we can help them in some way. I’m always honored when someone calls us and thinks that something we do or have learned over the years can help their ministry. At the same time, I take a few hours each month to learn and get myself around leaders I respect and learning from them. I try to read as much as I can, so that I can learn from others with different areas of expertise. Everyone has … Read More

Book Review: How to Become CEO

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The book could have been called “How to have a Work Ethic” or “How to Succeed in your line of Work”, but How to become CEO by Jeffrey Fox has a ton of practical wisdom in it. I normally write some of my favorite quotes on the first page (which is usually blank) of books that I read. This book is one of the few that I had to turn the page due to all the great stuff he had to say. A few favorite quotes: – “over-invest in people who have integrity, an ‘I can do it’ attitude, and … Read More

A Fun Visit…

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We were able to host Henry Judy and his team from Life Point on Sunday. They are getting ready to launch their church in the Naples/ Bonita Springs area in November. They are going to meet in a theatre, so they decided to come hang with us for a weekend. Here are his thoughts on their experience. It was great to meet Henry’s team and spend some time with them. Plus, Mia seemed to like them, so that’s good enough for me 🙂


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Casey Ross over at Catalyst Church reviewed my book “Watermark” on his blog. Enjoy!

Any Programmers?

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If anyone out there is or knows someone who is a php programmer, can you email me @ bob [at] calvarywired [dot] com? We are in need of someone who’s got the skills to pay the bills in php.

Book Review: Growing an Engaged Church

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My friend Nelson recommended this book and I am so glad I read it. Growing an Engaged Church by Albert Winseman is a really good read for many reasons, but here’s why I liked it the most: it challenged the church to get back to what’s most important – reaching people with the Gospel! He really drills down on why people attend church but never engage the church. He uses a set of 12 key points/ questions to push the idea home. It’s great stuff. The church exists to glorify God and our mission is to reach people with the … Read More

Mini-Vacation Highlights

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On Sunday, Carey, Mia, and I drove up to Orlando for a couple of days. It has been amazing! Here are some highlights: – Taking Mia into a pool for the first time (pictures coming soon) – Reading 1 book cover to cover in 2 sittings (review forthcoming) – 1/2 way through a 2nd book – Having lunch at Earl of Sandwich (Cannonball!!!) – Staying at a Disney resort I’ve never stayed at (I have a goal to stay at all of them. Unfortunately, I’ve officially stayed at all the cheap ones now 🙂 – A chocolate double scoop cone … Read More

Book Review: Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

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I know it’s weird for a guy who’s been married for over 10 years to read a book for engaged couples, but I’ve been looking for a book to give to our premarital counseling couples for a while and Saving Your Marriage before it Starts by Les and Leslie Parrott has won the honor! What a great book! Married couples can learn a lot from this book, but it is invaluable for couples that are about to be married. The book is built around 7 questions couples should ask about their future spouse and relationship. I underlined quite a bit … Read More

No Human Available…

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Man, I am having the worst time getting a human being on the phone today! “Thank you for calling. Please listen carefully as our menu options have recently changed…” Give me a break. If there’s a bank that will put a human being on the phone from the get-go, I’ll switch today! Technology is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master… I think I understand what John Conner was going through… It’s the rise of the machines!