How to get Outreach Ninja for FREE

Bob FranquizChurch

A few years ago I went to a one day conference on direct mail.

The cost was $800.



And if I had to do it all over again I’d pay the $800 with a smile.


Because what I learned in that one day seminar saved our church over $10,000.

So I look back and think, “Did it really cost me $800 to attend that seminar?”


In fact, I made $9,800 if you think about it.

There’s a leadership lesson here: training is never an expense; it’s always an investment.

The same thing is true with a coaching program like Outreach Ninja.

Yes there’s a monthly subscription investment, but what our members save in their outreach efforts more than covers what they would spend on Outreach Ninja in a year!

That’s why some of our members say that they get Outreach Ninja for free.

When you think about:

  1. The savings you’ll get by being smarter in your outreach
  2. The fantastic results you’ll get by focusing your outreach
  3. The added tithes and offerings from those who begin attending your church based on your outreach strategy (that we’ll teach you)

It all equals that Outreach Ninja won’t cost you a dime in the long run when you factor in all of this.

That’s why I want you to join Outreach Ninja.

Besides everything I’ve always told you, Easter is only 95 days away!

That means we don’t have a minute to lose as we prepare for the biggest day of the church calendar.

You can test drive Outreach Ninja for only $49 for the first month (it’s $97 a month after that) to experience what I’m talking about.

Plus, you’ll receive $700 in bonus resources just for joining.

So slide on over to