Why Churches Stay Small (and Never Break 200)

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This year Calvary, the church I pastor, was named the 5th fastest growing church in the United States by Outreach Magazine. There was lots of clapping by our congregation, congratulations by ministry colleagues, and even a cake from my staff. However, I remember when Calvary was a struggling church of 50 trying to reach people and get into triple digits. Over the last year I’ve been many times to explain how Calvary went from a church that reached new few people to a vibrant congregation. However, that’s not the real question people are asking. They want to know how their … Read More

“Can You Teach Through the Bible and Reach the Unchurched?”

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“Bob, can you talk about how you teach through the Bible and still reach unchurched people?” I get this question pretty regularly. The reason is, many guys who teach the Bible verse by verse aren’t interested in reaching people far from God. On the other hand, a majority of the Pastors who take evangelism primarily teach topically and believe this is the best way to reach unchurched people. This question hits on 2 things that are very important to me: 1. Preaching verse by verse through the Bible 2. Reaching people far from God By answering this question I have … Read More

Sunday Stuff (Week After Easter Edition)

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Here’s my week in review post (and a recap of Sunday)… – Solid Sunday at Calvary. – Lots of new faces and lots of people making decisions today during the invitation. – I’m loving this “Faith, Hope, and Love” series that we’re in. When you teach on love, you’ll never run out of material. – I’ll be teaching this series until we move into our building. – Speaking of our building, the May 3rd Grand Opening isn’t happening. It’s going to happen sometime in May, but the 1st week won’t be it. – One of the biggest challenges for me … Read More

Sunday Stuff (Easter Edition)

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For many reasons, this is a week that I will never forget. I’ll try to give a few of the highlights… – Legendary Easter weekend at Calvary! – It started with a Good Friday services that was probably my favorite service of the year. – I typically teach one of the seven statement from the cross on Good Friday. This year was no exception. I taught, “I thirst” from John 19. So powerful. Very moving. It was amazing to be many people respond to the invitation and come to know Jesus as Savior. – Our Easter services were incredible. I … Read More

Pastors and Diet Advice

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A few years ago a friend was telling me his weight loss strategy. He had all of the stats on eliminating carbs and eating lean protein. There was just one problem: He was eating a Big Mac while he was telling me this (and the dude as close to 100 pounds overweight). Whenever I hear about another “church growth consultant” who has the latest theory about growing a church, I think of my McDonald’s-loving buddy. I hear the consultant’s strategy for how he’s going to help the church grow and I think, “He’s just like the fat guy who giving … Read More

Sunday stuff (Palm Sunday Edition)

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I haven’t done one of these in a while, but here goes… – Great day at Calvary today. – We finished the book of Ruth in a series called, “Second Chances” – Once in a while, you teach a series that really hits home. This was one of those times. – Everyone has made poor choices. Everyone lives with some level of regret. Dealing with that is powerful for any congregation. – I have to say… leading a church, running Church Ninja, and building a building has pushed me to the limit on more than one occasion. Any of these … Read More

The Mistake That Stunts Church Growth

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The mistake that many senior pastors don’t think about because it doesn’t immediately call for their attention is a neglect for their own self-development. The old saying is true: “Leaders are readers.” To that point, check out this picture of Pastor Rick Warren’s own personal library: Wow. Now, you may not be able to fit that many books in your office and neither can I but reading books is a fundamental way we can continue to grow as a leaders. The truth is: I’ve met very few successful leaders who don’t give significant time to reading. The formula for growth is that the rate … Read More

5 Keys To Making Easter HUGE

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Easter is only 33 days away. If you haven’t started gearing up for this big day, time is running out. So let me get right to the point.  Here are some keys to making sure you leverage the biggest day on the church calendar: #1. Mobilizing the congregation is the top priority this Easter That means we need to arm them with invites and opportunities to serve the community if we want to reach more people than ever this Easter. #2. Do Multiple Services Easter is a family day, so we need to make sure we have multiple options for … Read More

When Leaders Fail You, Who Do You Follow?

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I heard about another pastor who fell into sexual sin this week. My heart hurts for the congregations and families involved. This recent news brings up some feelings in me as I’ve watched a friend and mentor fall into sin in recent weeks. As I’ve processed and walked through this situation with friends and some in my congregation, certain feelings people have expressed have made total sense to me. Feeling of… …Sadness …Anger …Betrayal …Loss …Fear But there’s another emotion/ attitude that I’m a bit surprised by. It’s the attitude that says, “We don’t follow a man; we follow Jesus”. … Read More

How to Join the Top 4% of Churches

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I’m convinced that the 500 barrier is the hardest barrier to break for churches. That’s why 96% of churches never grow beyond 500 in attendance. The average church is hovering under 100 in weekly attendance, but even churches committed to growing bump up against the 500 barrier and stop growing. So what’s the problem? What’s keeping churches that want to grow from actually growing? Here are 3 changes that need to happen in you and your church if you want to grow beyond 500… #1 – What Got you Here won’t get you There – The things you did to … Read More