How to Use Jedi Mind Tricks on your Community

Bob FranquizChurch

Since Star Wars in 3D is coming to a theater near you, I thought it would be a good day to talk about using Jedi Mind Tricks in your marketing.

You know…

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

I know Jedi Mind tricks aren’t real, but there are real ways to be persuasive in your outreach/ marketing that almost feels like you’re a Jedi Knight.

Here’s how…

1. Be Specific in what you’re asking

If you want people to attend your Easter services, then specifically ask them to join you at one of your services.

If you aren’t specific, you won’t persuade them to attend.

2. Mind tricks don’t work on everyone

There are some people in your community you won’t reach. You aren’t equipped to reach them. That’s why God has raised up lots of different churches in your community. So focus on those whom you can reach.

3. Communicate in a way that connects with them

Churches tend to communicate in ways that make sense to church people. Wise leaders communicate in a way that connects with unchurched people.

I recently helped a church in their direct mail efforts during their launch. Only using direct mail, they had 230 people at their first service!

My point: this stuff works!

In our February Outreach Ninja coaching session, we will be walking our members through a step by step system for getting killer direct mail results.

So if you’re planning on doing direct mail for Easter, now is the best time to join Outreach Ninja.

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