Good News and Bad News

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Bad News: My church credit card number was hijacked. My credit card company called me when they saw some odd purchases on my account. So they closed the account. I’m impressed with their proactive approach. Good news: I just got what looks like a game-used official baseball from the 2006 All-Star game in Pittsburgh. Totally amazing. I opened the package right after I got off the phone with the credit card people, so it was a definite boost to my day. The baseball came anonymously, so I don’t know who to thank. But if you’re reading, thank you so much. … Read More

What did I do on my Day off?

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Nothing! I mean “Make-you-feel-guilty” kind of nothing. I took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I watched some Star Trek re-runs. I read. I spent a lot of time with my daughter. I spent time with Carey. I talked to my neighbor for a while. I’m so glad this book challenged me to get serious about getting into a rhythm of rest. I’m ready to go back to work Tuesday and do what I love!

“The Rest of God” Book Review

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Mark Buchanan’s book, “The Rest of God” is an absolutely refreshing look at implementing a Sabbath into our lives. Not in a legalistic, rigid form, but instead, in a way that God intended and Jesus modeled. As I read this book, I realized how much I neglect this principle in my own life in the name of “getting things done.” My life motto many times is “when in doubt, do something”. This has a tendency to get me into trouble. I find Psalm 46:10 an almost impossibility to achieve, while I believe it in my heart. I guess that’s why … Read More

WMCU Interview and a Free Lunch

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Mark and I had a great time doing an interview with 89.7 WMCU about our upcoming marriage series “Illusions” today. It’s going to air on Friday morning during the 8AM hour. I’m really excited about this series. I think God wants to touch a lot of relationships that are on the brink. We’re praying that it has a big impact! Since today is Mark’s birthday, I thought I’d take him to Houston’s for lunch. The hilarious part is that Mark knows everyone (or someone related to them). So we get there and Mark hugs the valet guy. Why? Mark was … Read More

A Church Full of Sinners

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We had a lively discussion at our staff meeting yesterday over what the church should be. Several topics were discussed, but the conversation came down to, “What kind of church do we want to be?” (By the way, the sign of a great team is being able to have discussions like these – I serve with an exceptionally intelligent group of people who love to think through tough issues like this) I said, “It boils down to 2 things: We can be a church where when you walk in and look at everyone from the staff, the volunteers, and the … Read More

New Service Times

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A reminder to all those who call Calvary Fellowship home: this Sunday we change our service times to 9AM and 10:30AM. This series is going to be unforgettable. God is going to do something great! Be there or be square…

You asked for it…

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I just posted a new photo album of Mia. It’s some pictures we took last week when we she turned 2 weeks old. Enjoy…

An Encounter with God…

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Today we finished our “Encounter” series and honestly, it was one of the most anointed services we’ve had. I was blown away by the work God was doing in the hearts of people as we closed out this series. Today was my first Sunday back and I felt so loved by our church body. It was an amazing feeling. After the invitation (where we saw a lot of people pray to begin a relationship with Jesus) we had these huge white boards on either side of the stage. I talked about our new marriage series that starts next Sunday and … Read More