Don’t Make This Outreach Mistake

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I recently had a flyer on my door that said: “Are you sick of being told a feel good message? Do you want to hear about being washed in the blood of the Lamb? Do you want to know about being justified in the Spirit? Do you want to feel the power of the Holy Ghost? If so, then come to ________ Church where all visitors are welcome.” Forgive me for sounding critical, but no one without a theology degree is going to be able to decipher that message, much less an unchurched person on my block. Too many times, … Read More

4.5 Big Ideas to Help you Reach Families on Mother’s Day

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I’ve been telling people forever that Mother’s Day can a huge day for your church if you promote it correctly.  Mother’s Day has historically been our 2nd highest attended Sunday of the year (2nd only to Easter). I hear from Pastors all the time who are asking what they can do to make Mother’s Day big. So I complied 4.5 simple things we do that you can easily implement at your church to make Mother’s Day a very effective outreach day. #1 – Invite everyone who came on Easter to Mother’s Day We write a letter to everyone who attended on Easter … Read More

3 Musts for your Easter Services

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Easter is this Sunday and it’s the Superbowl for churches. It is literally the busiest Sunday of the year. I get asked a lot of questions by the Pastor I coach. But one of the questions really stood out. He asked, “What are the musts for Easter Sunday?” It’s a great question and I wanted to share my answer with you. #1 – You must preach the Gospel on Easter Sunday – This is a non-negotiable. You should be preaching the Gospel every week and giving people an opportunity to respond. However, on Easter, you much because you have so … Read More

Fixing Your Follow Up Funnel

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I learned a ton about plumbing a couple of years ago. A leaky pipe burst and left me without a kitchen for the better part of a month. I learned that when you have a leaky pipe, you have to pump twice the water through the pipe to get 1/2 the amount H2O when you open your faucet. Here’s how this relates to church leadership and outreach… Your church can spend lots of money on outreach and fill your seats on one big day. However, if you don’t have a good follow up system and newcomers and new believers, they … Read More