Start Here is Here!

Bob FranquizChurch

Start_here_coverOne of the things we’re been working on is a resource for new believers called “Start Here”. (Don’t bother looking on for it. It’s not there.)

Here was our dilemma: most new believers stuff that we saw is very good at explaining what salvation through Jesus is in very theological terms that it takes an M.Div to understand.

So we wanted to develop a resource that is very simple to understand and that led people to take some practical next steps. So we developed a small booklet that tells my story of how I came to know Jesus and the 4 decisions I made that helped me take the next step in my faith. Tyndale was also kind enough to allow us to reprint the Gospel of John in the New Living Translation in the book so people can get started reading the Bible right away.

I think any church can do something like this. When it’s something you write, I think people are more likely to read it.