Church Shopping

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My buddy Chris has posted a “King of the Hill” episode where Hank and family go church shopping. It is hilarious! If you have a few minutes, check it out here.


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This weekend I’m teaching on sex. Our office has been buzzing this week with anticipation about the message. I’m really excited about teaching this message. I’ve never taught on sex on a Sunday morning. People are telling me they’re inviting friends because they’ve dying to know what God says about sex. One thing that I’m learning in anticipation about the message is how little sex is talked about in church circles. No wonder people are going to culture to learn about sex. And we wonder why the church is no different than the world in this area. We’re going to … Read More

3 Days at Disney

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I just got back from Disney last night (Just in time for a leadership meeting). It was great! Carey and I left right after church and were there until Wednesday afternoon. We went with Carey’s sister, her husband, and our niece and nephew. It was awesome! I’m a big Disney fan and they were amazing. Sarah (my niece) had a princess breakfast at Norway in EPCOT and got to meet 4 princesses. I was blown away at how much they value creating an amazing experience. She was so happy, not just to meet the princesses, but to be treated like … Read More

A Christian Leader

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This quote that Steve posted made me feel like I had been punched in the gut: “Whenever I meet a Buddhist leader, I meet a holy man. Whenever I meet a Christian leader, I meet a manager.” God help us…

I’m Winning an Oscar!

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Well, not exactly. But I am getting an award. I just found out that Mark, our Worship Pastor and I are getting honored by the South Florida Legacy Music Ministry with an award. What will the award look like? I have no idea. But it’s always nice to get some props and be recognized. It’s happening on Saturday, May 13th @ 6PM. I put more info up as I get it. What do you wear to something like this?

Great Day!

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Carey and I got up way too early to get to Calvary Chapel Merritt Island (Near Cape Canaveral) for a Florida Calvary Senior Pastors’ Meeting. We do this twice a year and since I haven’t been able to make it for the last 3 years (believe it or not), I made it a point to go today. It was great! I got to see some friends that I normally don’t get to spend time with. I got to have lunch with my Pastor and ask him about 800 questions over the course of 1 hour. I went home thinking about … Read More

Let’s See if I get this right…

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I started reading into the whole “Emerging” thing (back then, it was just called “Postmodern ministry“) about 4 years ago. So I’ll readily admit that I’m new to the game. While I haven’t agreed with everything written, I’ve been challenged to stretch my thinking and at least defend why I land where I do. But here’s where I think things are getting a bit out of control: First, the challenge was to why Jesus came. Then the conversation moved to why Jesus died. Now the conversation is moving to what sin is. It’s official: I’m over it! I appreciate people … Read More

Outreach Thoughts

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Having done both direct mail and a street team that put door hangers on doors to promote an event, I’d like to share my thoughts on the effectiveness of both (And I’d like to hear your as well). I think I prefer the door hanger/ street team approach better for a couple of reasons: #1 – Cost – Direct mail isn’t cheap. Mailing out to homes within a 2 mile radius of our church is very expensive. With a street team, all you have are printing costs (which you would have with postcards anyway). Plus, people are usually excited to … Read More

Walk Off!

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If you’re not aware, today is Patriots’ Day in the state of Massachusetts. In Boston, today is also the day that the Boston marathon is run. Because of that, the Red Sox always play an early game (earliest in baseball – 11:05AM). The second time I went to Fenway Park was on Patriots’ Day. I had the best seats I’ve ever sat in (1st row, right behind the Red Sox dugout). Anyway, they lost that day. But the Patriots’ Day game has always been special to me. My world stops so I can watch this early game every year. But … Read More


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Easter services went absolutely amazing! Both services were full. Tons of first time guests. Children’s ministry was packed. I don’t think our band has ever sounded better. We didn’t know what to expect because this week was Spring Break in Miami, so a lot of our regulars were out of town. Nonetheless, the turn out was great! We had a technical glitch in the 1st service and my wireless mic was getting all kinds of interference. That was annoying to say the least! So I ended up having to use a wireless handheld mic that we have. I felt like … Read More