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I taught at a really cool, growing church this morning. It was a lot of fun to see all that God is doing outside of the 4 walls of CCML. Yet after all 3 services, I missed the group that calls CCML home. I hear people say that it’s good for the Pastor to not teach sometimes because it allows people to appreciate what they get every week. But I’m learning that it’s good for Pastors to teach somewhere else now and again so WE can appreciate what we have too. I can’t wait to get back…

Wierd Things that Only Pastors Do…

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#1 – We count the ceiling tiles of EVERY building we walk into #2 – We tell the people around us how EVERY building could be turned into a church #3 – Every place we visit needs a new church and WE’RE the ones to do it! #4 – We’re constantly observing the services of every establishment we walk into #5 – We take EVERYTHING that isn’t bolted down in other churches we visit #6 – We listen to most other preachers in the same manner Simon Cowell listens to American Idol Contestants #7 – Just about anything CAN AND … Read More

Movie Trivia

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Who turned down the role of “Neo” in the Matrix? a) Will Smith b) Cuba Gooding Jr. c) Tom Cruise d) Denzel Washington (No use of outside resources is allowed) Enjoy!

Can’t Catch a Break!

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So I went to see the Marlin’s tonight. The game was great. The seats were great (Thanks Mike), and the Marlin’s won! But it eluded me again: catching a baseball. I am a hopeless optimist (Is that an oxymoron?) at the beginning of a game. I firmly believe that “Tonight’s my night” and I’m finally going to catch one. Yet this quest has become like Ahab’s obsession with catching Moby Dick, or Monty Python’s crew finding the Holy Grail (“What else floats?” “Very small rocks!”). But it hasn’t happened yet. While I can deal with that most of the time, … Read More

Name That movie – Clue

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Since no one could figure out the quote from one of the best high school movies ever, I’m forced to do what I’ve never had to do in the brief history of my blog and that is “give a clue.” The original quote was “They speak the international language…the language of love.” The clue is: the “love” being spoken of here is that of a chubby kid named Ricky and foreign exchange student Monique. This is a total give away. You’ve got to know this by now…

Copy and Paste?

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Church Marketing Sucks has a great post today about the lack of originality in the church.   Read it here. God is creative and we are created in His image.  So let’s get creative and beat the world at its’ own game!    

Top 5 People I’d like to have Lunch with…

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My wife had the idea of who are the top 5 people I’d like to have lunch with (This list if all people who are living.  the next list will be people who aren’t living) , so here’s the list… #5 – John Mayer – John is amazing song writer, and an extremely talented guitar player.  He seems like a cool guy to hang with.  #4 – Theo Epstein – If you don’t know who this is, you obviously don’t live anywhere near Boston.  Theo is the general manager of the Boston Red Sox.  I met Theo in Tampa and … Read More

Name that Movie

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“They speak the international language…The language of love!” (Remember, no googling or search engine-ing of any kind) Enjoy!

Your Mission in 7 words or Less…

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I was sitting in Barnes and Noble and I was thinking about our church’s name change (which we are unveiling on August 12th for those keeping score at home). We are also tweaking our mission statement to be little more concise and we will be sharing that at the same time. So I was thinking about the mission statements that I remember. It wasn’t the most flowery statements or even the most descriptive ones. It was simplest statements that I remembered. So here are the mission statements that I thought of: Apple = Think Different Disney = To provide happiness … Read More