My Most Embarrassing Preacher Moment

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index Dear Pastor, It was December of 2000. I was a younger preacher, 3 months into planting my church. It was our first Christmas Eve service and I put in about 35 hours prepping a 30 minute holiday message. So the day came and I preached my heart out. I taught on the meaning of Christmas and when the end of the message came, I gave an invitation for people to invite Jesus into their lives. Crickets. I clarified the Gospel more. Created more urgency and then cast the net again and invited people to raise their hands if they … Read More

Evangelism… Dora the Explorer’s Way

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index Dear Pastor, Let’s be honest: Most churches have no outreach strategy to speak of. In fact, the majority of pastors are essentially throwing the proverbial Spaghetti-O’s against the wall and waiting to see what sticks. It reminds me of one of my kids’ favorite TV shows: Dora the Explorer Dora goes on all kinds of adventures. But she never goes anywhere without consulting “The Map”. It sounds basic, but the lack of a clear outreach strategy not only hinders a church’s ability to reach people, it wastes tons of money in the process. Because of this reality, we are … Read More

The Undisputed Champion of Leadership Development

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index Dear Pastor, I have great respect for the U.S. military for many reasons. But there’s one reason, that most people overlook that makes the U.S military unparalleled as an organization. It’s not their battle skills. Or their exceptional abilities. Neither. It’s one thing… they exclusively raise up their own leaders. The Army doesn’t “borrow” soldiers from other branches of the military when they’re looking for new leaders. Instead, the Army does the hard work of training men and women who can lead at all levels. They have a thoughtful strategy for turning Privates into Generals. Most churches fail to … Read More

Fwd: The George Costanza School for Pastors

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index Hi Pastor, Not sure if you saw this yesterday but we are offering 30% off one of our TOP SELLING resources: "Keep Those You Reach: 16 Secrets for Closing the Back Door of Your Church"               Click here to order Remember to use the coupon code: keep30 Blessings Mark Rodriguez Executive Pastor – Calvary Fellowship Director of Training – Church Ninja P.S. Check out bob’s email below   From: Bob Franquiz <> Date: June 11, 2013, 10:05:40 AM EDT To: Subject: Fwd: The George Costanza School for Pastors Dear Pastor, Remember the … Read More

The George Costanza School for Pastors

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index Dear Pastor, Remember the classic Seinfeld episode where George decides to do the opposite of his natural instincts and everything works out well for him? That’s how church leaders should be sometimes. They should do the opposite of what the average church is going. The average church is… Not growing Not seeing people saved Not baptizing new believers In short, the average church is, stuck! Here’s the leadership lesson: if your church is stuck, you have to do different things than got you into the mess. There was a season in my church’s history where we got stuck. We … Read More

D.L. Moody’s Evangelistic Strategy

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index Dear Pastor, Do you remember the story that’s told about DL Moody? It goes like this… A woman once approached the great evangelist D. L. Moody to air a grievance. The woman said to him, “Mr. Moody, I don’t like the way you do evangelism!” “Well, ma’am, let me ask you, how do you do it?” Moody asked. She replied, “I don’t!” Moody responded, “Well, I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it!” This is what happens in many churches over the summer. They stop reaching new people because of the dreaded … Read More

Brand New Resource! The (Free) Ninja Archive!

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index Dear Pastor, I’m so excited to introduce this free resource that we’ve been working on for a while. It’s called the Ninja Archive. What is it? It’s essentially a vault of great leadership, outreach and preaching content that will help you and your church. There’s mp3 messages, mp4 videos, pdf ebooks, Photoshop Illustrator files and book reviews of some of my latest reading. We’ve even added our Double your Leaders Conference to the Ninja Archive for you to watch at your convenience. We have tons of content that we’re going to keep adding to the archive. Here’s the best … Read More