What Banana Republic Taught me about Direct Mail

Bob FranquizChurch

I remember the day I was done with direct mail. 

Our church had mailed out over 50,000 postcards and received dismal results. 

I said to myself, “I’ll never use direct mail again.” 


I got home and checked my mailbox, only to find a Banana Republic postcard promoting a sale they were having. 

I put it in my back pocket as I walked through the front door, because I didn’t want to miss out on the sale. 

Then it hit me… 

Direct mail does work! 

I just wasn’t doing it right. 

I was doing direct mail like more other churches. 

This led to a quest where I learned direct mail from those who were getting amazing results. 

My goal was to learn their secrets and apply them to our church’s direct mail efforts. 

The result: killer results! 

We started getting 300%-400% better results than we had got before. 

All because of what Banana Republic taught us… mail to those who are most likely to respond. 

That’s what we’re talking about this month in our Outreach Ninja coaching. 

We talking about a step by step plan for direct mail that will help church double this Easter. 

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