When Leaders Fail You, Who Do You Follow?

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I heard about another pastor who fell into sexual sin this week. My heart hurts for the congregations and families involved. This recent news brings up some feelings in me as I’ve watched a friend and mentor fall into sin in recent weeks. As I’ve processed and walked through this situation with friends and some in my congregation, certain feelings people have expressed have made total sense to me. Feeling of… …Sadness …Anger …Betrayal …Loss …Fear But there’s another emotion/ attitude that I’m a bit surprised by. It’s the attitude that says, “We don’t follow a man; we follow Jesus”. … Read More

How to Join the Top 4% of Churches

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I’m convinced that the 500 barrier is the hardest barrier to break for churches. That’s why 96% of churches never grow beyond 500 in attendance. The average church is hovering under 100 in weekly attendance, but even churches committed to growing bump up against the 500 barrier and stop growing. So what’s the problem? What’s keeping churches that want to grow from actually growing? Here are 3 changes that need to happen in you and your church if you want to grow beyond 500… #1 – What Got you Here won’t get you There – The things you did to … Read More

Measure Everything

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My kids were walking around the house the other day with a tape measure. They were measuring the lamps, the walls, and each other. They were curious about how big things were and how they measured up compared to the other things they measured. In the same way, I am a firm believer that church leaders should measure everything. Not for the sake of pride or comparison with other churches. Instead, it’s nearly impossible to evaluate and improve without measuring key areas of ministry. Here’s what I mean:  How do you know if your outreach dollars are well spend? You … Read More