Quick Hits about the Last 2 Weeks…

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– Glad to be home from my trip to So. Cal. – Weather = awesome! I didn’t get to hit the pool as much as I wanted to, but the cool weather was refreshing – In n’ out burger = the greatest fast food place on the planet. No question! – Saddleback Conference – I had a great time meeting people. I learned a ton listening to Rick. Still processing everything that was said. But a great time. – Loved hanging out with this guy and this guy during the conference. – I saw James Cromwell at LAX when I … Read More

Balcony Time

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Being away for a few days has been great for me and my family. God has given me tons of ideas for tweaking our systems and a few new ideas that will make us more effective. It’s hard to be creative or even to be objective when you’re in the grind. Ronald Heifetz in the his book, “Leadership on the Line” talks about ‘Balcony Time’. This is where you get away for the purpose of getting a big picture perspective of your organization. Baseball players can’t examine their swing while their in the batter’s box. They have to step away … Read More

These are the Breaks

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So Mark and Bill went home. The conference is over and now the vacation starts. I am a firm believer in taking breaks. The first 4 years of our church I rarely took time off. Looking back, it was very unhealthy and ended up hurting the church more than helping it. So I have decided to be intentional taking time off: 1. I take a weekly day off 2. I take a short break (long weekend) every couple of months 3. I take an extended vacation every year I encourage my staff to do the same thing. Why? Because I … Read More

Saddleback Conference Day 2

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– Great day today! – I enjoyed the sessions, especially Rick’s session on preaching – Met a lot of people today. That was fun. I don’t get to hang out with other Pastors a lot, so it was very refreshing to hear stories about what God is doing in other parts of the U.S. – Had a great time at lunch with guys from my former Pastor’s Coaching Network – Bill had never seen Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, so we dropped by their Wednesday night service. – Twitter has been very unreliable out here. I hope they fix it. – … Read More

Saddleback Conference Day 1

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– I’m exhausted (running on 4 hours sleep and still not adjusted to Pacific time) – Rick’s 2 sessions were outstanding! – I am blown away by his love for Jesus, love for the Bible and love for Pastors – Got to catch up with a bunch of guys I hadn’t seen in a while – Got to meet some new friends – Ate at In n’ Out for lunch (that was worth the trip in and of itself) – Saddleback’s campus is fantastic. It’s even nicer than the last time I was here. – Great panel discussion on preaching … Read More

Sunday Stuff…

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– Today was great! – We had a couple of technical issues, but I doubt more than a few noticed – Crowd was really into the message – I felt “on” today from the get-go – I’m loving our “Frequency” series – Vocalzone is still rockin’ my world – my throat feels great after 3 services. -Lots of first time guests. Always excited about that! – Our set up/ tear down crew amaze me. These guys are sold out to Jesus and the vision of Calvary. Awesome! – It was amazing hearing the stories of what God is doing in … Read More

Book Review: The Performance Factor

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I needed a great book on building high performance teams and I got it! The Performance Factor delivers the goods on what great teams look like, how great teams are formed, and what a leader needs to do lead a great team. Honestly, the diagrams were some of the most helpful things in this books because it gave all of the concepts he spoke of, a face and a flow. This is a great book for any leader to read. Here are a few of the quotes that rocked me: “A team is a group of people who choose to … Read More

The Twitter Experiment

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I don’t know if I’m going to like this, but I’m testing out Twitter. If you want to follow what I’m doing, here’s the link…

What is Deep? What is Shallow?

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I believe there’s a misnomer in the church. It’s the definition of deep or shallow preaching. Deep preaching gets defined as doctrinal and shallow preaching is defined as applicational. I think we have our definitions wrong. Shallow preaching is when a speaker tells you what the text means, but fails to tells you what the text can do in your life. Throwing out a few Greek words doesn’t make preaching deep. Talking about ancient cultures doesn’t make preaching deep. A person could stand up and read a commentary and do exactly what some define as “deep” preaching. Deep preaching is … Read More

Messages that have Rocked My World

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I’ve never been to the Leadership Summit (Although I am registered this year thanks to my friends at this church who are graciously hosting – so to Troy and friends, thanks!) Even though I’ve never attended the Summit, I have the messages of every year of the last 12 years of Leadership Summits. Honestly, this is the best leadership stuff on the planet. The best speakers, the most challenging and hard hitting topics. Bottom line: It’s no joke. Anyway, I finally got around to picking up the messages from 2007 (which only 4 were available – was I annoyed, to … Read More