All of these Pastors Can’t be Wrong

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index Hey Pastor, This week I’ve been sharing with you about how much Evangelism Ninja can help your church reach more people this Christmas. But I thought I’d stop talking and let you hear from some Pastors and what they had to say about their experience as part of Evangelism Ninja… “We’re learned so much from Evangelism Ninja. Everything from the message, to the media, I’ve seen greater results in our promotion results. The targeting lists, Facebook methods…You gave us practical nuts and bolts strategies. Thanks!” – Pastor Eddie (NYC) “The Church Ninja team has helped us reach way more … Read More

A Halloween Evangelism Lesson for Your Church

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index Hey Pastor, When I was a kid and would go “trick or treating”, I had this strategy for getting more candy than any of my friends. It’s so simple I’m almost embarrassed to say it. But I’ve learned that this same strategy has helped Calvary (the church I Pastor) reach more people at big outreach events like Christmas and Easter. Here it is: On Halloween, I went out earlier than all my friends. That’s it. My friends would wait until it was totally dark and them go out all together. Instead, my younger sister and I would go out … Read More

This Could be the Story of Your Church…

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index Hey Pastor, I want to tell you a story. I met Kevin at a conference in April of this year and he told me what I’m sharing with you now. He took over a fledgling church of 25 people that wasn’t sure if they were going to make it or close their doors forever. Kevin attended an Evangelism Ninja training in February and decided to “give us a try”. What followed was nothing short of amazing. In fact, I’ll let Kevin tell you what happened… “I have learned so much from Evangelism Ninja. I moved to Richmond, VA 10 … Read More

The 3 Non-Negotiables for Maximum Christmas Outreach

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index Hey Pastor, Do you want to reach the maximum amount of people this Christmas? Of course you do. I’ve learned in working with more than a thousand churches who have come through our Evangelism Ninja coaching that there are 3 non-negotiables to reach people at Christmas. They are… An Intentional Build-up to your Christmas Outreach All out promotion across several platforms (both online and offline) to your Christmas services Knowing who to target in your outreach so you can speak to them directly (and not break the bank at the same time) If this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t … Read More

My Secret to Writing all of My Books

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index Hey Pastor, Yesterday I promised to tell you my writing secret. It’s so simple I almost didn’t want to share it. However, every aspiring writer I talk to says this little piece of advice is a game changer for them. So here it my secret to writing all of my books… I write every day. “Yeah, but don’t you pastor a church full-time?” Yes I do. “But don’t you have a wife and young kids?” Yes I do. I have a lot of responsibilities. I also see writing as one of my responsibilities. When I say I write every … Read More

The 2 Most Important Words for Every Writer

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Hey Pastor, There are 2 words that trump all other words for writers. What are they? Book deal? Nope Big Advance? No So what is it? Here it is: Get Started Too many people talk about writing a book, but never actually get started. I was talking to a guy recently who attends my church and introduced himself to me as an author. In fact, he said, “Pastor Bob, I’m a writer just like you." I said, “Great. Tell me what you’ve written." He said, “Well, I haven’t written anything yet." I said, “Oh. Then what are your working on … Read More

40 Lessons Learned from a 40 Year old

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Well, I turned 40 today. Truth be told, I was kind of dreading this day. I only see myself as young, so 40 puts a bit of a cramp in that idea. Milestone birthdays have a way of making you reflect on the past and contemplate the future. So I wrote down 40 lessons I’ve learned in my 40 years of life. This isn’t an exhaustive list. These aren’t the only things I’ve learned in 40 years. Some are serious and some are fun. I hope you find them helpful. 1. Invest in experiences, not things 2. Be known for … Read More

The Biggest Challenge for Authors

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I’ve written 7 books over the last 8 years. I’ve self-published and I’ve released books through a traditional publisher as well. In my experience, no matter what publishing route you choose, every author still has the same challenge: selling the book. I find authors think the heavy lifting is done once they turn in their manuscript. Wrong. In fact, I like to tell writers that writing the book is the easy part. Selling the book is the hard part. Too many authors have learned the hard way that books don’t sell themselves. You need a plan of action if you … Read More

New Resources added to 40% off sale

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Hey Pastor, I’m turning 40 on Monday, so we decided it would be a fun way to celebrate by offering a 40% off sale on all of our resources. I had a friend of mine email me yesterday saying, “Happy birthday Bob! I’m thinking of waiting 60 years for the 100% off sale.” Haha! I really need to choose new friends Seriously though, we recently added a few new resources to the store to be part of the 40% off birthday sale. Here’s a few of the resources that will be on sale…       Equip: The Art of … Read More

I got a birthday gift just for you!

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Hey Pastor, So here’s the deal: Bob is turning the big 4-0 on Monday. Yes, he’s turning 40. As you know, Bob loves investing in church leaders. So I thought it would be a great idea to offer a 40% off sale on all of our resources to celebrate the occasion. Here’s a few of the resources that will be on sale…       Equip: The Art of Developing Small Group Leaders             The Leadership Pipeline             Getting Unstuck: Secrets to Avoiding Growth Barriers and Becoming an Unstoppable Church … Read More