Why Branding is for Losers

Bob FranquizChurch

I love helping churches get the word out in their communities.

In fact, I like to say that Outreach Ninja is all about making your church the worst kept secret in your community.

But let me qualify that statement.

I don’t want people to only know about your church.

I want them to attend your church.

There’s a big difference.

Here’s what frustrates me to no end: churches will spend big money on a direct mail campaign and blindly mail postcards to anyone and everyone.

Then, when they get horrible results they’ll say, “At least we branded ourselves in the community.”


You didn’t brand anything.

The community ignored you.

There’s a big difference.

Real branding is when your church is known for something specific in your community.

Fake branding (what we’re talking about here) is how churches redefine a poorly executed and very expensive outreach plan.

Real branding is when people have a great experience at your church and tell everyone they know about it.

Fake branding is thinking that simply putting a name and logo in front of people has any positive value at all.

Do I think real branding matters?

Of course.

However, too many churches are caught up in fake branding and it’s killing their opportunities to grow.

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Here’s what one Outreach Ninja member said recently:

“The coaching in Outreach Ninja is very helpful in thinking about and executing strategic ways to reach people far from God. Our church has grown larger and stronger with the help of Outreach Ninja.” (Chuck Land, Cross Bridge Church Sugarland, TX)

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