Mini-Vacation Highlights

Bob FranquizGeneral

On Sunday, Carey, Mia, and I drove up to Orlando for a couple of days. It has been amazing!

Here are some highlights:

– Taking Mia into a pool for the first time (pictures coming soon)

– Reading 1 book cover to cover in 2 sittings (review forthcoming)

– 1/2 way through a 2nd book

– Having lunch at Earl of Sandwich (Cannonball!!!)

– Staying at a Disney resort I’ve never stayed at (I have a goal to stay at all of them. Unfortunately, I’ve officially stayed at all the cheap ones now ­čÖé

– A chocolate double scoop cone with chocolate jimmies from Ghiradelli’s at Downtown Disney!

– P.F. Chang’s mongolian beef/ chicken (or as I have named it: the Mongolian Duo)

– Being with my girls and not having to watch the clock (b/c I’ve got nowhere I need to be and no one I need to call)