A few Things…

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A few things I’m thinking about…

iWork ’08 is rockin! Steve Jobs must have found out everything that drove me crazy about version 2 of Pages because he upgraded about 90% of what I was hoping for. Keynote still makes Powerpoint look like a prototype 🙂

– Is it me or is there no new music that’s any good? The newest stuff I’m listening to was released in the early 90’s. I listened to “The Cars Greatest Hits” on my way in to the office today. I’m becoming one of those people! “Let the good times roll!”

Psych and Monk are making me not miss regular network TV. Very funny shows.

– I’m playing Fantasy Football with a bunch of other Pastors. As I began to research this, I’m even more convinced that this is Dungeons and Dragons for Jocks.

– Carey says I can’t make up any more Michael Vick jokes. I said, “You’re barking up the wrong tree!” (Was that taking it too far?)

People who work in music stores drive me crazy! I went in to buy some strings for my Les Paul and the 16 year old kid “helping” me was acting as though my presence was disturbing his reading of Guitar Player magazine. Why are musicians so cocky? I said that to Carey. She said, “Just think, 17 years ago, some 33 year old guy was saying the same thing about you!” Ouch! If only she were wrong 🙂

My daughter turned 7 months today! We stored away some of her 0-3 months clothes recently. Man, it was emotional when I remembered that not that long ago she weighed only 7 pounds!

The Red Sox got swept by the Yankees! I am not happy about this! I think they are still going to win the division. But why do they have to flirt with danger? It would have helped if they brought their bats to New York! Perry, I don’t know what to say 🙁

40% of our church has signed up for a Small Group. What’s amazing is that we just released our Small Groups catalog this past Sunday! I’m totally excited about it!