Book Review: Go Big with Small Groups

Bob FranquizBooks

I really liked Go Big by Bil Cornelius and Bill Easum, so when I saw that Go Big with Small Groups was out I quickly ordered it. Honestly, the book starts out a bit slow. But it picks up and gets good! They lay out what some great practical wisdom and share some of what they do at Bay Area Fellowship.

What I really liked about the book:

– The practical wisdom in training leaders

– How to organize groups based on affinity

– How to handle difficult people in groups

– The emphasis on personal relationships

– The type of balance a group should have

– The role of the leader and Small Groups Pastor

I recommend the book. They didn’t come out and say it, but it seems they have an ongoing small group ministry that doesn’t start or stop, which if different than what we do Also, they do open groups from what they mentioned, which we don’t do but the book is still helpful is other areas for us. If you’re model is like theirs, then it will probably be even more helpful!