Bob FranquizChurch

When we started CF, Carey and I didn’t have kids so we were able to put crazy hours in and it was OK. Since Mia has come into our lives things have changed.

It means when I go home for the day, I’m done. I’m not checking e-mail or writing messages into the night (which was a pretty common practice back then). I’m being a husband and a father.

What this has made me realize is that my time at the office is very precious. I have a certain amount of time to get a lot of things done. So it’s forced me to focus on what only I can do and ask God to bring others along to make up the lack. I want to do God’s will and fulfill God’s calling on my life. So it’s takes focusing on what’s most important, focusing on what I am most gifted at, delegating the areas of my weakness, and being fully present at work where I’m there and being fully present at home when I’m there.

For those wanting a good resource on this subject, this book helped me a lot…