In Case You missed It…

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Here’s some good posts that caught my attention this week…

Bill is reporting that Jack T. Chick is back with a new tract. Awesome!

Ben’s post here had me thinking about what we do and what we’re up against every week. (P.S. One of the best beaches in the world is 15 minutes away)

Jay’s post has “sermon material” written all over it! It’s amazing and disgusting all at the same time!

Perry’s post on stuff Church planters need to know is awesome! In my experience, church planters talk too much and listen too little. I know this happens because you’re really excited about what God is calling you to do. But it’s a little frustrating at times to the person you’re meeting with. Here’s my advice: Have your questions ready. Bring a pen and paper. This shows a teachable spirit. It goes a long way.