The Forgotten Piece in Church Marketing

Bob FranquizChurch

There's a lot written about design and distribution in church marketing, but little is written about the copy. The truth is, it doesn't matter how pretty your postcard, billboard, or invite is. If you don' have relevant and compelling copy, your promotion isn't going to do much.  

So what are the elements that make for good copy? Here's one:

#1 – It has to be relevant to the person you're trying to reach – don't misunderstand: I'm not talking about mentioning that your band is cool and your worship leader has a faux hawk. Instead, relevant copy is a message that connects with the person you're trying to reach. 

Because people are different, we need to make sure that the copy we're using is specifically designed for those we're trying to reach. That means targeting the people who we are most likely to reach.  

For more on writing effective copy that reaches people, pick up a copy of "21st Century Outreach Strategies". A resource for churches that want to reach more people without breaking the bank