Question about New Believer Follow Up

Bob FranquizChurch

I got this question recently, so thought I'd post my answer: 

"I see that you guys reach a lot of unchurched people. How do you help them take the next step after conversion?"  

First, this is a fantastic question. It's the question that we should be obsessed with getting better at answering.  There's more than one issue here, but I'll give you a couple of important points: 

1) Define what the next step is – People will generally follow the steps if you lay them out in a logical way and only share the steps one at a time. Share more than that and you'll confuse or intimidate them. 

2) Be clear to the new believer – Clearly let the new believer know what you want them to do. At Calvary Fellowship, if they make a decision for Jesus, we want them to indicate that decision on a connection card. This is of the utmost importance because without their information we can't follow up. 

I have an entire resource that lays out our process for follow up with New Believers. It's called the "New Believer Follow Up System" and you can pick it up here