What is Deep? What is Shallow?

Bob FranquizTeaching

I believe there’s a misnomer in the church. It’s the definition of deep or shallow preaching. Deep preaching gets defined as doctrinal and shallow preaching is defined as applicational. I think we have our definitions wrong.

Shallow preaching is when a speaker tells you what the text means, but fails to tells you what the text can do in your life. Throwing out a few Greek words doesn’t make preaching deep. Talking about ancient cultures doesn’t make preaching deep. A person could stand up and read a commentary and do exactly what some define as “deep” preaching.

Deep preaching is when a Pastor explains what the text means but when proceeds to apply the text to our lives. What creates depth in a message is the connection between me and the text. If no connection is made, then we’re still on the surface. The greater the connection to my life, the great the depth of the message.

Does this mean commentaries are shallow? Not at all. They serve a wonderful purpose and I have 100’s in my office. But commentaries aren’t preaching, they’re explaining. And God has called preachers to be more than explainers. He’s called us to be equippers. (Eph. 4:11-12)