Messages that have Rocked My World

Bob FranquizChurch

I’ve never been to the Leadership Summit (Although I am registered this year thanks to my friends at this church who are graciously hosting – so to Troy and friends, thanks!)

Even though I’ve never attended the Summit, I have the messages of every year of the last 12 years of Leadership Summits. Honestly, this is the best leadership stuff on the planet. The best speakers, the most challenging and hard hitting topics. Bottom line: It’s no joke.

Anyway, I finally got around to picking up the messages from 2007 (which only 4 were available – was I annoyed, to say the least! It ruined my collection – that’s the OCD in me coming out ­čÖé

I’ve listened to 3 of the messages so far and they are unbelievable! The 2 Hybels sessions are grand slam home runs and the John Ortberg session “A Leader’s Greatest Fear” was the stuff legends are made of! If you have listened to them, do yourself a favor and pick them up!