Book Review: The Performance Factor

Bob FranquizBooks

I needed a great book on building high performance teams and I got it! The Performance Factor delivers the goods on what great teams look like, how great teams are formed, and what a leader needs to do lead a great team.

Honestly, the diagrams were some of the most helpful things in this books because it gave all of the concepts he spoke of, a face and a flow. This is a great book for any leader to read.

Here are a few of the quotes that rocked me:

“A team is a group of people who choose to cooperate in order to achieve exceptional results.”

“To achieve exceptional results, high performance teams creatively divide the task and thn cooperate like mad.”

“Leadership is the existence of people with power to mobilize others and set constraints – is an important ingredient in making participation work.”

“As a manager I can demand compliance, but commitment is volunteered.”

“Communication does not take place until someone receives the message and understands it as the sender intended.”

“Just in time is the best time for training.”

“You don’t form teams, you build them.”

This is a great book and I definitely recommend it!