Quick Hits about the Last 2 Weeks…

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Bob_and_steve_harrisGlad to be home from my trip to So. Cal.
Weather = awesome! I didn’t get to hit the pool as much as I wanted to, but the cool weather was refreshing
In n’ out burger = the greatest fast food place on the planet. No question!
Saddleback Conference – I had a great time meeting people. I learned a ton listening to Rick. Still processing everything that was said. But a great time.
– Loved hanging out with this guy and this guy during the conference.
– I saw James Cromwell at LAX when I was getting on the plane (read: almost missing my flight) yesterday. I wanted to thank him for inventing warp drive (OK – bad Star Trek joke)
– Took Mia to Disneyland – I think she loves Mickey Mouse as much as she loves her mommy and I. (btw – Disney World is far superior in every way)
– Learned a lot at a church I visited (yes, I go to church even when I’m on vacation – isn’t that when Christians are supposed to do?)
Personal highlight: Meeting Steve Harris in Newport Beach on Wednesday! Took a picture with him and talked about their new tour. I started playing bass almost 20 years ago because of Steve Harris, so it was an honor to meet him and take a picture with him.
– I read a few books while I was out of town. I read this one, this one, this one, this one, and I’m 1/2 way through this one. This one was the best in my opinion.
– All in all, I had a great time learning and then I had an even better time connecting with my girls.