3 Musts for your Easter Services

Bob FranquizOutreach

Easter is this Sunday and it’s the Superbowl for churches.

It is literally the busiest Sunday of the year.

I get asked a lot of questions by the Pastor I coach. But one of the questions really stood out. He asked, “What are the musts for Easter Sunday?”

It’s a great question and I wanted to share my answer with you.

#1 – You must preach the Gospel on Easter Sunday – This is a non-negotiable. You should be preaching the Gospel every week and giving people an opportunity to respond. However, on Easter, you much because you have so many guests and unchurched people in attendance.

#2 – You must follow up with guests and new believers – The #1 reason people don’t return to a church is because no one follows up. Allowing new believers to slip through the cracks is criminal. Follow up with every guest and every new believer who attends your church on Easter.

#3 -You must promote Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day is 3 weeks after Easter. If you promote Mother’s Day on Easter and follow up with some communication by email and direct mail, many of those who attend on Easter will be back on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the 2nd largest service of the year for us at Calvary. It can be for you too if you are ready to promote it on Easter.

This week, don’t just think about your Easter services. Instead, plan what’s going to happen after your Easter services and beyond.