Fixing Your Follow Up Funnel

Bob FranquizOutreach

I learned a ton about plumbing a couple of years ago.

A leaky pipe burst and left me without a kitchen for the better part of a month.

I learned that when you have a leaky pipe, you have to pump twice the water through the pipe to get 1/2 the amount H2O when you open your faucet.

Here’s how this relates to church leadership and outreach…

Your church can spend lots of money on outreach and fill your seats on one big day.

However, if you don’t have a good follow up system and newcomers and new believers, they will slip out the back door like water through a leaky pipe.

So what’s the solution?


You can see more growth in your church by simply fixing your follow up strategy.

What are the common problems of a leaky follow up system?

Here’s 5 common leaks in the follow up funnel…

#1 – Not continually working on your follow up system

#2 – Not capturing contact information

#3 – Not preparing for New Believers

#4 – Not Giving Clear Next Steps

#5 – New Believers aren’t valued by the staff and leaders

The bottom line is, we more we work on these issues, the better our follow up becomes and the better we can serve people and help them take significant next steps in their faith.