4.5 Big Ideas to Help you Reach Families on Mother’s Day

Bob FranquizChurch, Outreach

I’ve been telling people forever that Mother’s Day can a huge day for your church if you promote it correctly.  Mother’s Day has historically been our 2nd highest attended Sunday of the year (2nd only to Easter). I hear from Pastors all the time who are asking what they can do to make Mother’s Day big.

So I complied 4.5 simple things we do that you can easily implement at your church to make Mother’s Day a very effective outreach day.

#1 – Invite everyone who came on Easter to Mother’s Day

We write a letter to everyone who attended on Easter to attend on Mother’s Day. It sounds really simple, but this little strategy gets a huge response.

#2 – Do Free Mother’s Day Portraits 

Most families don’t get professional Mother’s Day portraits done every year. So offering a studio quality family portrait is a great blessing to families. Think about it: people will attend a service at your church and then hang this picture on their wall at home. This serves as a great reminder to unchurched people that there are churches who don’t want something from you; they want something for you.

#3 – Mail a “Save the date” card to everyone in your database

People don’t realize when Mother’s Day is until that week. A little bit of notice will put Mother’s Day on their radar and cause people to make plans to attend your church.

#4 – Preach the Gospel 

Listen, this is one of your biggest attended Sundays of the year. Don’t neglect drawing in the net. Lots of people will respond if you present the Gospel and give people an opportunity to respond. If your congregation knows you’re going to preach the Gospel, they will invite their unchurched friends to attend.

There’s one other thing that’s really important. It’s not something that will get more people to your church on Mother’s Day, but it will make Mother’s Day infinitely more effective…

#4.5 – Capture data 

You can’t follow up with anonymous people. People need to let you know who they are so you can follow up with them.

This means making sure they fill out a communication card in your church service and/ or children’s ministry when they drop their kids off.

Make it easy for people to connect to your church and plug in. This is why follow up is so vital. People with no church background don’t know how to plug into your church. Help them by giving them clear, simple steps to take.

Here’s the bottom line: Mother’s Day is a huge day to reach people far from God and encourage believers if you will invest in it.