Sunday Stuff (Week After Easter Edition)

Bob FranquizChurch

Here’s my week in review post (and a recap of Sunday)…

– Solid Sunday at Calvary.

– Lots of new faces and lots of people making decisions today during the invitation.

– I’m loving this “Faith, Hope, and Love” series that we’re in. When you teach on love, you’ll never run out of material.

– I’ll be teaching this series until we move into our building.

– Speaking of our building, the May 3rd Grand Opening isn’t happening. It’s going to happen sometime in May, but the 1st week won’t be it.

– One of the biggest challenges for me in this entire building project has been moments where I feel completely out of control. I know that I’m a capable guy who knows a lot of people, but there have been a lot of moments where I’ve been completely helpless. That’s a naturally hard place for me. God has used this entire process in my life and I’ve growth so much, but man has it been painful. (This might not make sense to some. I’m not a control freak. I trust the people around me, but I’m a guy who’s always available to step in when my staff has a problem. However, sometimes things are totally out of your control and you just have to wait. That’s tough for me.)

– I think the stat is that 70% of pastors who build buildings quit within a year of the building’s completion… I totally understand why. It takes everything you’ve got and then some to it done.

– I’ve never been much of a fiction reader, but I absolutely love the Harry Potter books. Just started The Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3). Totally amazing. Such good writing. Very inspiring.

– Here’s rule #1 if you want to be a writer: Read good writing. (Rule #2 by the way, is… start writing).

– By the way, if you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, the books are far and away superior. I loved the movies, but the books make me cry.

– We’re trying to post great content on the blog every week. Typically, we write 3 new posts a week. If there’s something you’d like to me to talk about, put in in the comments and I’ll see if we can address it.

– I’m going to do a totally live event in the next couple of weeks to help prepare churches for Mother’s Day. I want to find a new venue outside of webinars. Something that has a Q and A component and addresses the actual questions people have.

– On the Church Ninja front, we brought 2 new team members onboard. I’ll talk about them in the next week or so. These are top shelf ninjas in their own right. I’m blessed they are joining the team. They are going to take what we do at Church Ninja to a new level.

– If you want to see a picture of a real tribe, go to This is the online community for Harry Potter fans. JK Rowling posts short stories on the site. This is the only site I know of that Amazon directs you to them to buy the Kindle versions of the Harry Potter books. Very impressive.

– After being a portable church for almost 15 years, it feels weird to think about having a permanent home. I’m guessing it’s like having kids. It seems so weird to imagine what it would be like to have children. The once you have kids, you forget what life was like without them.

– I’m ordering 2 new movie posters for my new office to go with my Empire Strikes Back and Wrath of Khan posters. Movie posters are my favorite kind of “art” because they look great and they’re great conversation pieces. I’ve narrowed the possibilities down to 4-5. All in the sci-fi/ fantasy/ action genre.

– The Red Sox are off to a great start!

– I’m taking a couple of days off later in the week. I’m wiped out. Leading a church, building a building, and running Church Ninja are 3 full-time jobs. I’m looking forward to disengaging… by attending a writing seminar 🙂

– Have a great week.