The Biggest Challenge for Authors

Bob FranquizBooks

I’ve written 7 books over the last 8 years. I’ve self-published and I’ve released books through a traditional publisher as well. In my experience, no matter what publishing route you choose, every author still has the same challenge: selling the book.

I find authors think the heavy lifting is done once they turn in their manuscript. Wrong. In fact, I like to tell writers that writing the book is the easy part. Selling the book is the hard part. Too many authors have learned the hard way that books don’t sell themselves. You need a plan of action if you want your book to sell well and help people (after all, isn’t that why you wrote the book in the first place).

That’s why I tell writers all the time: “Stop thinking like an author and start thinking like a marketer.”

I outline a marketing plan for your book in our Author Ninja coaching program. In fact, you need a launch strategy for your book and then a follow up marketing plan.

Here’s are 5 ways authors can start thinking like marketers and starting selling books:

1. Get in front of every audience possible – Don’t be selective about what groups to speak to when you’re first starting out. Get in front of every group you can and share your message. When people connect with your message, they’re want to pick up your book.

2. Accept every interview request you’re offered – Most interviews take very little time, so accept invitations you’re offered. Even if it’s a small show, it will give you practice and give you a feel for the interview process. It takes tome to feel comfortable on TV, radio or a podcast.

3. Be proactive about opportunities – Don’t wait for every opportunity to come to you. Talk to people and ask how you can be on their show, interviewed for their podcast or speak at their event. Don’t be afraid of people saying no. Everyone you don’t ask says no. So give them a chance to say yes. You’ll be shocked how often people say yes.

4. Leverage Social Media – Twitter, Facebook and every other social media outlet helps you get the word out about your book. A word of caution: don’t be obnoxious in promoting your stuff. Another word of caution: don’t be shy about promoting your stuff. This isn’t double talk. It’s a challenge to find a balance.

5. Find out where your audience hangs out and be there – I talk about this in depth in our Author Ninja training, but this is where Facebook is your friend. Good strategies on Facebook will sell lots of books and help you build a tribe who will be interested in all the other books and/ or products you release.

Bottom line: If you want to be a successful author, stop thinking like a writer and start thinking like an marketer.

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