The 2 Most Important Words for Every Writer

Bob FranquizGeneral

Hey Pastor,

There are 2 words that trump all other words for writers.

What are they?

Book deal? Nope

Big Advance? No

So what is it?

Here it is: Get Started

Too many people talk about writing a book, but never actually get started.

I was talking to a guy recently who attends my church and introduced himself to
me as an author.

In fact, he said, “Pastor Bob, I’m a writer just like you."

I said, “Great. Tell me what you’ve written."

He said, “Well, I haven’t written anything yet."

I said, “Oh. Then what are your working on right now."

He said, “Well, um, I’m not writing anything right now, but I’m going to start
writing soon."

Then he asked me for some advice to an aspiring author.

I said, “Here’s the best advice I have for you: get started."

I went on to tell him my secret to writing every book I’ve written.

I’ll tell you my "ninja" trick tomorrow.

For now, here’s my encouragement to you: Get Started.

Stephen King said, “The scariest moment is always just before you start."

I’ve written a brand new ebook that explains the why and how pastors can
amplify their message and take it beyond the four walls of their church.




It’s called, Amplify: Every Pastor Should be an Author and I want to give it to you totally free.






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Here’s what I cover in the Amplify ebook:

  • How to discover what you should write about
  • How to build a platform for your writing
  • How to use sermon content to write your book
  • How God can use writing to provide for your family
  • How writing increases your influence
  • How it has never been easier to write a book

You can download a free copy of Amplify here.

Amplify can help you get your book out of your brain and on to the page.



Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor
Calvary Fellowship