New Resources added to 40% off sale

Bob FranquizGeneral

Hey Pastor,

I’m turning 40 on Monday, so we decided it would be a fun way to celebrate by offering a 40% off sale on all of our resources.

I had a friend of mine email me yesterday saying, “Happy birthday Bob! I’m thinking of waiting 60 years for the 100% off sale.”


I really need to choose new friends

Seriously though, we recently added a few new resources to the store to be part of the 40% off birthday sale.

Here’s a few of the resources that will be on sale…




Equip: The Art of Developing Small Group Leaders







The Leadership Pipeline







Getting Unstuck: Secrets to Avoiding Growth Barriers
and Becoming an Unstoppable Church







How to Keep Those you Reach: 16 Secrets for Closing
the Backdoor of your church






The Complete Membership Kit








Songs of the Kingdom Sermon Series








Magnificat Series






All you have to do is add all the resource you want to the cart and use the
coupon code birthday40 at check out.



Church Ninja

P.S. This sale ends on Monday, so act now. Use the coupon code birthday40.