“The Rest of God” Book Review

Bob FranquizBooks

Mark Buchanan’s book, “The Rest of God” is an absolutely refreshing look at implementing a Sabbath into our lives. Not in a legalistic, rigid form, but instead, in a way that God intended and Jesus modeled. As I read this book, I realized how much I neglect this principle in my own life in the name of “getting things done.” My life motto many times is “when in doubt, do something”. This has a tendency to get me into trouble. I find Psalm 46:10 an almost impossibility to achieve, while I believe it in my heart. I guess that’s why Hebrews tells us to labor to rest.

As a Pastor, working hard is part of the job description. Banker hours are not available for the person who truly wants to serve Jesus. Yet, while this should drive me to rest when I can, sometimes it leads me to more toil. This book so challenged me to look at rest from the perspective God intended. It’s our weekly gift for all the work we do.

Since Carey got pregnant, I started making changes to my schedule to make family a greater priority and be involved in family things more. Now with Mia here, it’s absolutely vital. As a friend of mine told me this week, “Bob, your kids are only little once.” So I’m trying to rest and enjoy life apart from my vocation. By the way, buy the book. It’s great!