Your Mission in 7 words or Less…

Bob FranquizLeadership

I was sitting in Barnes and Noble and I was thinking about our church’s name change (which we are unveiling on August 12th for those keeping score at home). We are also tweaking our mission statement to be little more concise and we will be sharing that at the same time. So I was thinking about the mission statements that I remember. It wasn’t the most flowery statements or even the most descriptive ones. It was simplest statements that I remembered. So here are the mission statements that I thought of:

Apple = Think Different
Disney = To provide happiness
Sherwin-Williams = Cover the Earth
Google = too organize the world’s information

My point is, a mission statement should be simple. We can add to the mission statement other elements, such as how we are going to accomplish our mission. But I believe what should be branded in every person’s mind is that simple 4 to 7 word statement that sums up everything we are trying to accomplish…