Zero to Sixty Tele-seminar on Thursday!

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This Thursday, (November 12th) I'm leading a Zero to Sixty tele-seminar from 1PM-3PM.

This is a great opportunity to create a learning experience for your entire staff. Your registration covers anyone in your church that can listen in on your phone line. That's what's great about tele-seminars! 

Here’s what you can expect to learn:
– How to communicate vision in a way that causes people to respond
– How to develop a system for hiring the right people

– How to fire the wrong people the right way

– How to gauge the health of your church
– Staffing strategies that add staff and reduce expenses
– How to maximize momentum for greater growth
– How to develop a system for raising up leaders
– How to develop yourself as a leader
– How to manage staff more effectively
– And much more!

If you think 2010 is a year that you're going to add staff, launch a new ministry, or cast bold vision, this tele-seminar can really helpful to you.  

You can register for the tele-seminar here. I hope you'll decide to join me!