Your Evangelism is Only as Good as Your Follow Up

Bob FranquizChurch

One of the things that has always impressed me about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Harvest Crusades and Luis Palao ministries is their commitment to following up with those who make decisions to follow Jesus. 

They understand that evangelism must be connected to the local church. As church leaders, our role is to help new believers connect to the local church because that's where they are going to grow to maturity in Christ.

How do we do that? 3 ways:

1. By creating a system that outlines the steps new believers should take 

2. By making the process and each step simple and obvious. 

3. By educating new believers along the way as they take each step 

A system without these 3 components will continue to se new believers fall through the cracks in the church. However, a system that focuses on these 3 things will see a harvest of new believers growing to maturity. 

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