You’ll be Mad if you Miss This!

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6a00d83451703769e2012876236374970c-320wi  Some of you know that I've been giving away copies of my book Zero to Sixty: 60 principles and practices for leading a growing church for (almost) free. Actually, you pay the shipping and I'm sending the book to you for free.  

But i decided to do something else this week for the subscribers to my newsletter and I'm going to make it available to my blog readers as well.  

I am making my "Zero to Sixty Seminar" (one of our best selling and most popular resources) available for 50% off. This seminar follows the outline of my book, but I spend a lot more time in certain sections like: staffing, personal development, and setting gauges for health in your church. 

This 4-CD set is one I receive tons of feedback from Pastors.  All you have to do is enter the coupon code "fifty" (no quotes) and it will take 50% off this nuts and bolts resource. 

Please note: I have never discounted this seminar ever. But it's something that I wanted to do in the spirit of Christmas to invest in church leaders. 

(I'm only doing this for this week. So if you're interested, act sooner rather than later)

Here's the link to the seminar.