Today is the last day!

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My staff gave me the report last week that in 2009 we saw 555 people make first time decisions to follow Jesus! 

That doesn't even count the 757 people who rededicated their lives to Jesus in one of our services at Calvary Fellowship.

The question that people ask me regularly is, "How did this happen?"


Some of you know my story, that we didn't see one person come to know Jesus in the first 18 months of our church. Then we got serious about evangelism and reaching people far from God and in the last 2 years we've reached over 1,000 unchurched people!


We did this in 3 ways:

1) We implemented strategies to mobilize our church to invite friends

2) We learned how to do direct mail in a way that gets huge results

3) We implemented a strategy for following up with New Believers that closed the back door of our church.

So I want to offer you a package of 3 resources that will halp you make the same turn that we made. I want you to reach as many people as possible for the kingdom in 2010 and beyond.

The package I'm referring to is called the outreach packageand if purchased individually, the resources sell for $171. But because I want to partner with you in 2010, I want to package these resources and put them in your hands for $119. That's 30% off!!! 

All you need to do is use the coupon code outreach during checkout and it will take 30% off. 

This package includes 3 of our best-selling resources: 

1) The New Believer Follow Up System

2) How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter

3) 21st Century Outreach Strategies

Simply add the package to your cart and input the code outreach and it will take 30% off the Outreach Package. Here is the link. 

Please note: I have never made this package available outside of one of my seminars and I doubt I will offer it again.

I want you to reach as many people as possible who are within driving distance of your church.

So I invite you to pick up the Outreach Package and what what happens in your church in 2010!