Tickets: The good news and the bad news

Bob FranquizUncategorized

I just ordered my tickets for the Chris Tomlin concert on 2/18.  I’m lookng forward it. I got pretty good seats for buying them a week before the show.  In other ticket-related news, Marlins tickets went on sale today and I was planning on buying tickets for 3 games (June 30, July 1&2), but I did not.  Why?  Because all that was left was junk.  And these are the days that the Red Sox are coming to town.  I’m upset.  Now, this simply means that I will need to buy good seats from a "Ticket broker" before the game.  But man, that makes me mad.  The tickets went on sale at 10AM today and at 10AM I was ready to order and my only option was the upper deck.  No thanks!