The Mother of All Sales!

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Ok, here's the deal: I wanted to do a sale for a resource that would help church leaders into 2011. So I asked a couple of friends to give me suggestions. The problem is, they all recommended I put different resources on sale. So I decided to take all of their advice and put all of our downloadable resources on sale.

So pick up any downloadable resource for 35% off by using the coupon code NewYear.

Here's a list of all the resources on sale: 

The New Believer Follow Up System

New Believer Class

How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter

Direct Mail Secrets

Creating a Culture of Evangelism

The Church Budget

21st Century Outreach Strategies

Laying the Foundation

The Pillars of a Healthy Church

The Productive Leader

The Zero to Sixty Seminar

The Complete Membership System

Serving Strategies

The Cash Crunch

Church Planting Pitfalls

The Portable Church Challenge

Trees (Christmas Series)

Retro Christmas (Christmas Series)

Vintage Wisdom (Proverbs)

Uncensored (Habakkuk)

Frequency (Hearing God's Voice)

Fuel (2 Timothy)

Go Green (Stewardship)

Stripped (Song of Solomon)

Elements (John the Baptist)

Engage (Esther)

Happily Ever After

Spotlight (Colossians)

It's the End of the World as we know it (Revelation)

10 Words (10 Commandments)

The sale ends when 2010 does. So don't delay. Remember, the 35% off coupon code is newyear.