The 48 Hour Birthday Sale!

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It's my 37th birthday on Thursday and I decided to celebrate by giving everyone an opportunity to pick up some resources for 37% off! 

 Just use the code birthday and we'll take 37% off the sale resources.


What resources are on sale? Check it out:

The Tithe Challenge

21st Century Outreach Strategies

The Cash Crunch

Serving Strategies

The Portable Church Challenge

Church Planting Pitfalls

The Zero to Sixty Seminar

Laying the Foundation

Calvary Fellowship Employee Manual

Church By-laws

The Complete Membership System

The New Believer's Class

Plus all downloadable sermon series!


But this sale ends on my birthday (which is tomorrow (Thursday) for those that want to send cards and gifts – ha!)



Remember, the code for the 37% off is birthday. Enjoy!