The 411 on my new outreach coaching network

Bob FranquizChurch

Here are the details on my new Explosive Outreach Coaching Network: 

– It's only 4 sessions (1 session each month starting in October)

– You get over $400 in resources!

– You don't have to be the Senior Pastor to join this network. When you're accepted, your church is accepted. So you can have as many staff as you like on the coaching call. 

– You get a 2 hour coaching session each month where you will get graduate degree info on marketing

– You will learn how to reach your community for nickels compared to what most churches are spending

– You will learn how to identify the perfect media to reach those most likely to attend your church

– Plus, as a bonus I will personally review one outreach piece (whether direct mail, Facebook, radio, TV, etc…) and critique it to help you make it more effective.

– In short, my goal is to teach you to be an outreach ninja! 

Because of my level of involvement I'm only accepting 12 churches. I've only got a few spots left. You can pick up an application here (Scroll down to the bottom of the coaching page).