The 3 Second Rule for Direct Mail

Bob FranquizChurch

You pick up your mail and sort through it. How long do you give each piece of mail that you bring inside? I'll tell you: about 3 seconds. 

If it doesn't catch your eye and say something that connects with you, it ends up in the round file. 

We talk about these 3 seconds a lot at Calvary when we're getting ready to do a direct mail campaign. You've got 3 seconds to say something that keeps you out of the garbage can. Then you've got to say something that compels them to an action step (i.e. attending your service).

We tend to make decisions about design after looking at a direct mail piece for 10 minutes. I submit that you look at it for no more than 3 seconds because that's all the person who gets it is going to look for. 

So look at it and see what stands out. If nothing grabs you, change the design. 

Why? Because you only have 3 seconds. 

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