Some Direct Mail Tips

Bob FranquizUncategorized

Here's 4 tips that will greatly help you the next time your church does a direct mail campaign:

1. Keep any direct mail that you like. It doesn't matter what it's advertising. Great direct mail is always a source of good ideas. 

2. Keep the "worst of the worst" direct mail you get. A lot of church mail tends to fall in this category unfortunately. But this file of direct mail will remind you what sins you should never commit. 

3. Political mail – I am seeing some amazing political direct mail this time of year. It doesn't matter the issues or the party. You're looking for good ideas. Keep them and be inspired by them. 

4. Look for interesting sizes and shapes – I just got a political DM piece that was 11×14. It was amazing. Very clean looking. Yet so big it's impossible to ignore. I'm not voting for them, but I give they're printing serious props. 

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